French Door Style Refrigerators

dezmin French Door Style Refrigerators

French door style refrigerators are rapidly catching up to the more traditional refrigerators in popularity. The traditionally popular refrigerators have a refrigerator compartment with a single door and above it or below it, a separate freezer compartment with its own door. The French door style refrigerator has two refrigerator compartments, each with its own door and an additional freezer compartment, once again with its own door; three doors in total.

The French door style has the obvious benefit of allowing half the total refrigerator space to maintain its temperature whilst the other half is being accessed. This can, of course, be an energy-saving innovation, plus it offers a completely different look to the appliance. Both these styles of the refrigerator are available in two types, regular or counter depth types. This means that although a particular website may suggest the Best counter depth french door refrigerator, any pros or cons could be equally applied to regular refrigerator types as well.

Although the difference between a counter depth refrigerator and a regular refrigerator may be obvious to many, I will still explain their difference here. A regular refrigerator can be of any size and more importantly, of any depth. A counter depth refrigerator, however, can be any size but will always have a compartment depth of 24 to 26 inches, making it compatible in depth to most kitchen counters, allowing it to be more easily and conveniently positioned in a kitchen without looking out of place.

As well as the traditional types of the refrigerator with a separate, freezer, with the door, either above or below a refrigerator compartment and the French door style refrigerators there are also types which have side by side doors and types that have just a single door. The side by side types of the refrigerator has a freezer on one side and a refrigerator on the other, allowing both to have equally easy accessibility. The single door type refrigerator has both a freezer and a refrigerator compartment but both are accessed by just one door. This last type of refrigerator is often smaller than the others and so is often preferred by those living in small apartments.

Although there may only be these types and styles of the refrigerator, there are several brands available for each type and style and so when buying a new refrigerator, the choices are somewhat bewildering and confusing. The best way to narrow the choices is down is possibly by looking at several online review sites to determine which may be the best brand to buy, based on efficiency and reliability. Once you have decided on a brand, the type and style you opt for are really one of personal choice although your available budget may also play a role in your decision. Remembering however that although one particular refrigerator may be more expensive initially if it is more energy efficient than others, your added expenditure may be more than recouped in reduced energy costs over the life expectancy of the appliance.

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