Choosing a Trail Camera

dezmin Trail Camera

Although trail cameras may be considered as specialist cameras in so far as they take pictures remotely, it does not mean that there is not a wide variety to choose from and that can be confusing if you want to buy one. You probably know exactly what you need but may not be certain which trail camera can provide all that you need and so you may have to look at many before you find one which suits your needs. The easiest way to see the widest variety of trail cameras and all that each can provide is to go to one of the websites like that specialize in trail cameras and show the results of their reviews of many of them. This particular site mentioned above shows what they believe to be the top 5 trail cameras available today but some other sites may display 10 or even more.

These sites are managed by photographers and so they know what trail photography is all about but even so, their style may be different from yours and so their recommendation for best buy may differ from yours, however, As they review more than just the one they recommend, the site can still be very useful to reread before going out to buy a new one.

A trail camera, as well as being able to take good photos, also has to feature several specialist properties in order for it to be effective at the type of photography it will be called upon to do. Basically, a trail camera is a camera which can be left in a hide or a tree and later, when an animal passes it, take that animal’s picture. Most of the trail cameras can, therefore, be triggered by motion detectors which are connected to the cameras. Many may also have infrared and night photography capabilities but all should at least be waterproof and perhaps even fully weatherproof.

The idea of these cameras is that because humans often scare animals, it is hard for a photographer to get close enough to a wild animal to take a good photo and certainly not one where the animal seems relaxed and natural. By leaving these types of cameras along trails, the photographer can stand a good chance of getting a natural photograph of any animal that uses the trail.

Several of the features that some photographers look for in a good trail camera is

  • Good battery life – This is important because you do not know how long the camera will have to be in place before some decent photographs have been taken
  • Good weather proofing – Nearly always these cameras are used in the open and left in the open for several hours at a time and so they need to be protected from the elements
  • A good range and arc for the motion detectors associated with the camera as you don’t know what angle the animal may approach from thereby causing you to miss a photo op.
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